AdLabs Technology, Inc. acquired all of the assets of Boost Media, Inc. in April 2019 in a transaction that includes the Boost technology and software platform, customer contracts, patents, trademarks, brands, and website. All of Boost’s key employees have also accepted positions with AdLabs who will continue to provide all services to Boost’s former customers. Going forward, AdLabs will combine the Boost product line with AdLabs’ machine learning systems to bring a new level of AI capabilities to ad content creation and optimization.

Rob Lenderman, founder of Boost Media, has joined AdLabs Technology as Chief Product Officer. “AdLabs will significantly improve the AI capabilities of the Boost platform which will greatly enhance the quality, speed of production, and scale of ad content creation and optimization. We are thrilled to be joining AdLabs and continue to work on our shared vision of applying technology to some of the toughest problems in marketing” said Mr. Lenderman.

About AdLabs
AdLabs Technology is a Delaware corporation focused on paid-search ad creation, optimization, and analysis powered by AI. AdLabs has worked with the largest advertisers in the world and over the half the F1000 to dramatically improve their Paid Search ROI.