What’s Changing? 

This Google Ads format offers up to 15 headlines and 4 description lines and dynamically combines up to 3 headlines and 2 descriptions in any given ad auction, while occupying potentially twice as much real estate for advertiser’s search ads.

RSA Headlines

RSA mobile snapshot

  • RSA’s maintain the current 30 character limit per headline
  • Displays up to three headlines instead of two
    • Raising character real estate from 60 to 90
    • Two headlines will always show
  • Ability to write up to 15 headlines per ad group
    • Google Ads will rotate headlines and test different combinations
  • Google Ads recommends providing at least 5 distinct headlines

RSA Descriptions

  • Character allowance for RSA description lines are increased from 80 to 90 characters
  • Up to two description lines may display
  • One description line will always show
  • Advertisers can write up to 4 description lines
  • Google Ads recommends providing at least 3 distinct descriptions

RSA Display Paths

  • No change from current ETA implementation

RSA Final URLs

  • No change from current ETA implementation

Pinning – Control Where Text Displays

  • Headlines or descriptions pinned to headline position 1, headline position 2, and description position 1 will always show
    • A description pinned to position 1 must also be less than 80 characters long for it to be guaranteed to show
  • Assets pinned to headline position 3 or description position 2 are not guaranteed to show
  • Pinning assets will limit automatic combination
  • If multiple headlines or description lines are pinned to the same position,Google Ads will rotate and optimize which are displayed
  • If no pins are used, all headlines and description lines will be rotated and various combinations used
  • If all headlines and/or description lines have a corresponding pin, unpinned headlines and description lines will not display

Google Ads Goals for RSA

  • By entering up to 15 headlines and 4 description lines, Google Ads claims it will be able to more closely match your ads to potential customers’ search queries.
  • Over time, Google Ads will test a variety of headline and description line combinations in an effort to increase ad relevance and performance.