Full info. about this new UI/report from Google here – this new reporting was released in July 2020.

Cross-campaign asset reporting for responsive search ads lets you view asset performance and insights at the campaign level. You’ll be able to see which assets to replace and which assets are most effective to enhance the performance of your ads.

Under the ‘Assets’ page, you can check the headlines and descriptions from all your responsive search ads in one place.

When you use cross-campaign asset reporting, you can see where your assets are used and which assets are performing the best. Once you’ve determined which assets are performing well, you can apply those learnings to other ads. If assets are performing poorly, you can take action to replace those assets.

A few additional observations of this new assets UI/report from us here @ AdLabs:

• There continues to be no click, cost or conversion data available in assets reporting
• The assets UI/report is only available at the search campaigns > all campaigns level as of now
• More granular asset-level analysis is accessible via the Google Ads UI only as of now. There is also a new ‘Asset’ filter you can utilize from, to view a single asset’s performance across all RSAs it is used within. (However, this is only available for a single asset at this time)
• At the time this article went to press, AdLabs observed that the vast majority of assets were still being considered as Unrated or Learning
• RSAs usually need around 5,000 impressions in the Google Search: Top segment over 30-days to display a rating in the performance column
• Google Ads appears to favor rating assets with best or good over low performance. Thus, not really suggesting which assets should be improved upon (This may change as the reporting data evolves)