d Creation - Key Features

Pre-Defined Guidelines & Messaging Rules

For any campaign, simplify ad creation by using pre-defined guidelines or specify custom rules for content and grammar that best fit your brand and objective. Never use templates again!


Quality Control

Incorporate your organization's requirements for ad approval and/or compliance review, via a comprehensive workflow system that tracks all comments and activity, prior to an ad being ready for public rotation.


Source High Quality, Diverse Ads

Create emotionally engaging ads with diverse creative to connect more deeply with your customers which will drive dramatically improved conversion rates. And do so quickly and at scale.


d Optimization - Key Features

AdLabs Pre-Optimization Analysis

Focus optimization efforts on those ad-groups that have the biggest impact on your account. Run an assesment of which ad groups are underperforming and by how much to get the best possible improvement in ROI.


Our Ad Testing Philosophy

Creative optimization remains the last mile of the digital marketing journey. Automate ad creative testing at scale to leverge insights and significantly improve customer engagement.


AdLabs Automates Post Optimization Impact

The AdLabs platform monitors and reports issues and opportunites in the creative layer across all of your ad groups 24/7 using a wide range of metrics to meet your specific needs.


d Insights - Key Features

Quality Score Reporting

Your Quality Score has enormous influence over how much you pay for each click. Now, you can easily see your quality score in context and the changes in each major component over time so you can understand where improvements are needed.


Lexical Insights

Machine-learning algorithms deliver customized insights on your specific ad creative strategies and audience behavior. Lexical Insights digests the content of ads across your account and derives quantitative assessments of specific words and phrases that drive your ads' performance.


Variant Testing

Variant testing provides insights at scale and is a powerful way to help you propagate winning ad copy across multiple ad groups, which contain the same template ad copy.


Sentiment Insights

Sentiment insights identify the individual attributes within each sentiment that either helps or hinders ad performance and the relative importance of that sentiment for a specific account or campaign.


AdSweeper Tool

Ad groups with limited impressions can be difficult to test. AdLabs AdSweeper Tool automates optimization of these ad groups, by collecting data over long time periods and uses statistical significance (based on the metrics you care about) to identify and suggest lagging ads to sweep.


Ad Shovel Tool

Too many ads in an ad group? We have just the tool! AdLabs' Ad Shovel helps you remove surplus ads across an account so only the best ads get impressions.


Paid-Search ad creation, optimization, and analysis powered by AI. AdLabs creates hundreds of thousands of ads every year and has optimized billions of dollars in ad spend.